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Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy!
Simply apply your points for a discount
at checkout!


    • How do I join the HydroJug Loyalty Program?
    • Joining the Loyalty Program is free and easy. Simply click here and fill out the form. Welcome!
    • What are the benefits of the HydroJug Loyalty Program?
    • The HydroJug Loyalty Program was built to reward our loyal customers. Allowing you to accumulate points for purchasing and completing simple actions. With your points you can get discounts on all your favorite HydroJug products. Plus, as you grow in rank from Insider to VIP and eventually Elite, you will earn more points for every dollar spent.
    • What are the different tiers in the HydroJug Loyalty Program?
    • There are three different tiers, each with upgraded benefits for you! Our base tier is Insider, then VIP and finally Elite! (Trust us, that’s where you want to be.)
    • How do I jump to a new tier?
    • New tiers are achieved by earning points. To jump from Insider to VIP you must earn a total of 700 points. To jump from VIP to Elite, another 800 points (1500 total) points must be earned.
    • How do I maintain my tier?
    • Tiers are maintained by spending a qualifying amount during the current 12 month period, starting from the date you joined. The qualifying amount to maintain your status of Insider is $0. The qualifying amount to maintain your status of VIP is an annual spend of $120. The qualifying amount to maintain your status of Elite is an annual spend of $160.
    • What happens if I drop a tier in the Loyalty Program?
    • If you do happen to slip down a tier, don’t worry, it’s easy to jump back up. Simply spend $40 within 30 days of your tier change to jump back up.
    • Do my Loyalty Points expire?
    • Never. Use them whenever you please.
    • What is the quickest way to earn Loyalty Points?
    • Create an account for your first 100 points! Leaving a review with a photo will bonus you another 150 points. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for an additional 65 points. You can earn over 300 points in the next 10 minutes! (FYI: That’s $15 off your next purchase!)
    • How much are Loyalty Points Worth?
    • Each 100 Loyalty Points are worth $5 that can be deducted from any purchase of HydroJug products on our website.