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Feel More Confident at the Gym

September 10, 2021 2 min read

Feel More Confident At The Gym

Going to the gym can be very intimidating no matter who you are. We totally understand. Gyms are full of different machines with varying levels of complexity. There’s hooks, there’s straps, there’s levers to pull. Each machine has a purpose but you might not be sure what the purpose is. There are people everywhere with varying levels of fitness. For many people, the gym is not a comfortable place. Which is why we want to share some things to do so you can feel more confident going to the gym and crushing your fitness goals.

Plan your workout BEFORE going to the gym.

This is a huge one. If you go into the gym without a plan of attack it can be easy to get flustered, overwhelmed, or discouraged. If you plan out exactly what you are going to do before you go, you will look and feel more confident going through your workout.

Look up different workouts on Social Media.

There are so many fitness gurus who share workouts for free on social media platforms. These usually include videos of them demonstrating the moves and tips on form. Whether you like to lift heavy, do functional fitness, or cardio, there is a workout for everyone out there. Watch and save these videos so that when you are at the gym you can follow along and reference them.

Workout with a friend.

You may not feel comfortable going by yourself, but if you have a friend you may feel more at ease. Everything becomes less scary when you have a friend with you. Bringing a friend may also push you to go harder and hold you accountable to your fitness goals. Challenge each other and have fun seeing what you can accomplish. 

Wear clothing that makes you feel good.

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable because of the clothes you wear. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident about your body. Don’t try to squeeze into tight leggings if you don’t want to. Wear a baggy shirt if you want. Wear a cute sports bra if you want. As long as YOU feel great in what you’re wearing, that's all that matters.

Try to accept where you are in your fitness journey.

Whether it is your first day in the gym or your 1,000th, try to give yourself the credit you deserve. You are taking a huge step in your fitness journey by even going to the gym. Fitness is a lifelong journey and there will be highs and lows throughout. If you are at a low, have patience with yourself and be proud of yourself for doing something to change it. If you are at a high then you can take pride in all the hard work you’ve done to get yourself there.

Feeling uncomfortable at the gym is a problem lots of people go through at some point. We hope these ideas help make you feel more confident so nothing will stand between you and your fitness goals!