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Mini Sleeve

The Mini Sleeve is designed with double layer, premium neoprene to keep your drinks cooler, longer. The Mini Sleeve comes with an adjustable strap for easy carrying that has sleeker and more discrete attachments. The Mini Sleeve has a storage pocket so you never have to leave your small essential behind.
Dimensions: 8.44 in X 4.6 in
  • PREMIUM NEOPRENE- To keep your drinks cooler, longer.
  • STORAGE POCKET- So you’ll never have to leave your small essentials behind.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP- We’ve included this double reinforced strap for your carrying convenience. The strap is detachable for the times when you want to go “hands free”.
  • The neoprene sleeves are safe to wash in a machine but we suggest removing the strap and laying the sleeve out to air dry.