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The Inside Scoop On HydroJug Releases

April 17, 2024 2 min read

What is the difference between Core, Seasonal, and Special Edition? Which products are going to restock? How can I better navigate release days?

If you’re new to HydroJug or if you’ve been using HydroJug for a while, you may have some questions surrounding our products and how to best navigate through the frenzy of release days. This is your official HydroJug Insider Guide on how to better understand our products and the lingo surrounding them.



What does it mean if a product is Core?

Our core products are our base product colors that we always try to have in stock. These products will never stop restocking, and although they may be temporarily out of stock, you can always count on them to return.

Our current Core colors are:

  • Pink Sand
  • Black
  • Black Leopard
  • Sage
  • Cream
  • Navy
  • Lime Ricky
  • Pink Sugar
  • Orchid
  • Riptide

You can always find some or all of these colors available in SHKR, 64 oz Stainless, or Traveler. Keep an eye out because we may be adding some more core colors soon!



What does it mean if a product is Seasonal?

Each season, we will release “seasonal colors”. Our goal is to keep these colors in stock for the entire season, though they may become temporarily out of stock. Once the season is over and we sell out of our inventory (which may happen before the end of the season depending on demand), they will not come back again!

The HydroJug seasons are:

Spring (January-April)

Summer (May- August)

Fall (September-December)



What does it mean if a product is Special Edition?

A special edition product is an item that will only release one time. Once our inventory of that item is sold out, we will not restock it at any time. We usually have one special edition release per month. 

Some examples of special edition releases include:

Neon Pink Traveler

Hearts Traveler

Stars Traveler

We will always communicate to our customers if an item is Core, Seasonal, or Special Edition. The best way to stay in the loop is to follow us on social media, subscribe to our email and text lists, and download the HydroJug App to get notified through push notifications!

Our new products always release on a Saturday at 9 am pst. So be sure to set an alarm or reminder for the release and be ready to buy when the product drops! We always send out emails, texts, and push notifications through our app to remind you when the products drop as well!


We hope this guide will help you better understand the product release categories and gives you additional insight into navigating release days.