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Pre-Adventure Checklist

September 24, 2021 2 min read

To celebrate the release of our Special Edition Mountain Range Sleeve, we decided to create a little pre-adventure checklist for all of our nature lovers out there. These are 10 things you can bring so you’ll be extra prepared for anything to happen on your adventure.

Things you need:

Good sturdy shoes. If you don’t have hiking boots, make sure you have shoes with good tread on them that fit your feet right.


Thick socks. These will help combat any rubbing that your shoes may do on your feet. Just that extra layer of socks could be the difference between you and a painful blister.


Comfortable clothes that won’t rub.


Extra layers. You never know what the weather might do.


Your HydroJug. Duh. The carrying strap makes it easy to bring along on a hike. Also because it holds a half gallon of water, you know you’ll have enough to last for the whole adventure.


Snacks. You can fit them in the pocket of your HydroJug. It is always smart to bring a little snack with you.


Chapstick. The worst feeling ever is dry lips. When you breathe hard, you usually breathe out of your mouth and that makes your lips dry. So having a tube of chapstick could be the difference between a good hike and a bad hike.


Sunscreen. You should put some on ahead of time. Even if there are clouds, the sun can be intense.


Sunglasses just in case it is sunny.


A hat/hair tie to keep your hair out of your way. A hat also helps keep your head cooler and shields your face from the sun.

Now that you have everything you need, you’re all set to head out on your adventure. Be safe, have fun, and drink water!