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Personalized Tumbler With Straw

May 06, 2022 12 min read

Insulated tumblers are pretty popular right now for many reasons. They serve many essential purposes, but often, they’re also beautiful. One of the most popular reasons people love insulated tumblers is the ability to use them on the go. This is because they fit perfectly in their vehicle’s cup holders.

Both custom tumblers and water bottles also have splash- and leak-proof lids, ensuring the inside of your car stays pristine, even when you’re traveling over bumpy and rocky roads. In addition, thisglass and stainless steel tumbler from HydroJug holds up to 64 ounces, making it easy to grab and go, even in rainy conditions or when heading to the gym.

Many of us often make a steaming cup of tea or coffee in the morning to kick start the day. Unfortunately, these drinks are best enjoyed hot, so when you leave your coffee in a traditional coffee mug, it becomes lukewarm or cold before you finish it. Fortunately, an insulated tumbler is ideal for your hot beverage. Imagine being able to finish your coffee or tea before it becomes cold. 

How to Personalize Tumblers?

A personalized tumbler is aesthetically pleasing, practical, and easy to make. Try customizing your tumblers today to create a perfect gift for your family and friends, or make one for yourself to motivate you to drink more water every day!

People use water bottles and tumblers frequently and for extended periods, making them simple and effective ways to market your business. Custom printed and promotional tumblers are often made from stainless steel, plastic, glass, and silicone. 

There are many ways to personalize your promotional tumblers, including:

  • Using a Vinyl Decal
  • First, trace your designs on sheets of outdoor vinyl. You’ll need to draw it freehand to create your design, using a die-cutting machine or even a stencil. Try using different colors or vinyl to create polka dots or colorful hearts. Also, you can trace out letters if you want to create a monogram. 

    Next, cut out your appliques using a craft knife or sharp scissors. Once your design is ready, carefully cut it along the edges. Then, place transfer tape over the top of your graphics. Transfer tape helps you to apply decals evenly. Ensure your vinyl decal is facing up, and then carefully apply a strip of transfer tape over the entire decal.

    Finally, peel the backing off of the vinyl decal and press it onto a clear tumbler or water bottle. Smoothen out any bubbles or wrinkles in the vinyl. Finally, remove all the transfer tape and enjoy your personalized tumbler. After removing the transfer tape, your design is completed. Although outdoor vinyl is long-lasting, wash your custom tumbler by hand to preserve your decal.

  • Customizing a Clear Tumbler using a Photo or Image Caption
  • Start by buying a clear tumbler to decorate and show off your style and favorite photos. Acrylic photo tumblers are popular, less costly, and easy to personalize. Ensure you buy a tumbler that unscrews easily, allowing you to access the photo compartment.

    Next, print your design onto cardstock or photo paper. Often, these tumblers are tapered slightly at the bottom, so you’ll need to cut the paper and roll it into a cone shape. For thoughtful gift ideas, use a photo or image caption of yourself and a loved one, then give the tumbler to them as a gift.

    Unscrew the bottom of your tumbler, insert your design, and then reattach the bottom. You’ll need to roll your paper into a cone shape and then insert the cone into the space between your tumbler’s outer and inner layers. Avoid wrinkling the paper as you put it into your cup because any creases and wrinkles will show in the finished product.

    Then fill the photo compartment with glitter and water for a custom tumbler. If you don’t want to customize your tumbler with photos, you can still personalize it using glitter. Remove the bottom of your tumbler and turn the travel mug upside down, then carefully pour two tablespoons of glitter into the photo compartment of the cup. Then, fill the rest of the compartment with water and screw on the bottom.

  • Paint Your Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • To paint a stainless steel tumbler, use spray paint. Although regular spray paint will adhere perfectly to the smooth surface of a stainless steel tumbler, you may need to scuff the surface slightly for better results. Scuff the surface of your stainless steel tumbler with 140-180 grit sandpaper. Roughing up its surface can help the paint stick better, allowing your design to last longer. Based on the grit of sandpaper you use, you may need about ten passes with sandpaper to get the right texture.

    Wipe your tumbler with alcohol to remove any oils and dirt. Even though it’s not visible, oils and dirt might be present on your stainless steel tumbler. Use a cotton ball or an alcohol pad soaked in alcohol to wipe the tumbler and then allow it to dry completely.

    Next, apply a stencil to the stainless steel tumbler if you’re using one. If you want to create a design, cut a stencil from a vinyl sheet or buy an adhesive stencil from craft stores. Peel the backing from the stencil and attach it to your tumbler, smoothing out any wrinkles or bumps. 

    Then, spray light coats of paint into the tumbler, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next one. If you apply too much paint at once, it may drip and bubble. Hold your spray paint 5-8 inches away from the clear tumbler and only spray in quick and short bursts. 

    Tocreate an ombre effect, you must layer your colors. For example, spray darker paint at the bottom and lighter paint on top, allowing the two colors to overlap slightly. Then, contrast two colors, for instance, yellow on the top and red on the bottom, for a striking effect.

    You may have to spray your tumbler with a paint sealer to lock in the paint. A paint sealer creates a barrier, preventing flaking. Spray the sealer evenly over your tumbler, using a side-to-side motion. Allow the sealer to dry for 2-3 hours.

  • Personalizing a Tumbler Cup Using Rhinestone
  • When customizing your tumbler cup using rhinestones, make sure the color of the tumbler is close to the color of the rhinestones. 

    Before adding rhinestones to your tumbler, draw a few lines at the top to make your work easier. Using a needle nose bottle, squirt a line of glue approximately two to three inches long across the top of your tumbler cup.

    Next, use wax pencils to pick a rhinestone and place it at one end of the glue line. To do that, gently press the wax pencil on top of a rhinestone, which should lift it.

    Place the rhinestone on top of the glue, and it’ll stick down. Continue adding rhinestones such that they’re next to each other and ensure they’re on the same level. 

    After you have two to three inches of glue filled with rhinestones.

    1. Add another line of glue and repeat the same procedure, adding one rhinestone at a time.
    2. Go to another line after you’re done with the first line of glued rhinestones.
    3. Once you’re done with the two rows, allow the glue to dry for several hours.

    These two rows will act as your starting point for the other rhinestones. The next day, repeat the same process by adding glue to your tumbler and placing rhinestones. This is a long and tedious process, but it’s worth it because, in the end, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing tumbler.

    Where Can You Find Personalized Tumblers?

    To buy custom tumblers, you should research several craft stores and companies before you buy one. Ask your friends, family members, and social media contacts if they have recommendations to find a reputable company. Also, be sure to read online customer reviews. 

    • Compare online customer reviews of various companies and buy personalized tumblers from a company with favorable feedback.
    • Compare prices of different companies to ensure you get the best deals.
    • Popular websites for buying the best tumblers include Tervis, Yeti, Custom Ink, and Etsy.

    Here are some factors to consider when buying the best personalized tumblers:

    • Choose the style you love. When ordering personalized tumblers, you’ll be given many options for the type of custom tumbler you want. Most stores offer a variety of colors, styles, and sizes for you to choose from, including stainless steel tumblers or acrylic tumblers, with or without straws, insulated or non-insulated tumblers, and with or without lids.
    • Pick the logo text and design. Your imagination only limits your tumbler design. Upload a logo or an image caption, search through existing designs, or play with different fonts and spacing if you’re looking for text-only designs.

    Next, save your design and order your personalized tumbler. 

    How Much Water Does a Tumbler Hold?

    Tumblers are the most common beverage glasses in most casual dining establishments. In addition, many tumblers are made from plastic, making them a perfect choice for high volume and institutional-type organizations, such as cafes in universities, schools, correctional facilities, and hospitals.

    Tumblers are available in many sizes, ranging from five ounces to more than 30 ounces. However, many establishments prefer a 16-oz and a 20-oz tumbler to accommodate large and small sizes.

    Often, restaurant tumblers are distinguished by their straight sides, flat bottom, no handle or stem, and traditional plastic construction. 

    How Much Water Do We Need?

    Our bodies lose water through urine, breath, sweat, and bowel movements each day. Therefore, for our bodies to function well, we must replenish their water supply by consuming water-filled foods and beverages, such as tea and coffee.

    So how much water does an average, healthy person living in a temperate climate need? According to the United States National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, adequate daily water consumption is:

    • Nearly 3.7 liters of water a day for men, and
    • About 2.7 liters of water a day for women.

    These suggestions cover fluids from water, water-filled foods, and other beverages. Nearly 20% of our daily water intake comes from food and drinks.

    The United States is lucky to access the safest treated water globally by turning on the taps. Most Americans wake up, shower, brush their teeth, grab a coffee mug, and head out for the day. Water is an essential part of our daily lives, and we need it for many purposes, but do you understand how much water you need every day?

    • The average American household uses more than 300 gallons of water every day. Nearly 70% of this water use happens outdoors.
    • Nationally, outdoor water usage accounts for 30% of household use, yet this percentage is much higher in drier parts of the nation and water-intensive parts. For instance, the arid West has the highest per capita residential water consumption because of landscape irrigation.

    How Does a Personalized Tumbler Motivate Me?

    You may have “drink more water” on your to-do list. But many of us also know that drinking more water each day is a daunting task. As you spend more time at the office or home, keeping a personalized skinny tumbler or water bottle full of water near is convenient and can motivate you to drink more water throughout the day. But there are other ways a personalized skinny tumbler can encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.

    First, drink water from marked tumblers. If you hate refilling your glass eight times a day, invest in a marked tumbler and make it a point to drink a specific amount of water by the end of the day. A marked tumbler can motivate you to drink more water a day because it helps you know how much water you’re drinking every time. Also, it enables you to determine how much water you must drink the rest of the day to achieve your daily water intake goal. Finally, for maximum motivation, be sure to refill your personalized tumbler every night before you go to bed to remember to drink water once you wake up.

    Another way a personalized skinny tumbler can motivate you to drink more is to ensure you never leave the office or house without a tumbler full of water. When you leave your home or office, make sure there’s a personalized tumbler or water bottle in your bag. 

    This is one of the effective ways to ensure you drink more water because most times, people don’t drink water because it’s out of reach. Carrying a personalized tumbler with you throughout the day ensures you have water regardless of what you’re doing, whether you’re in the gym, working at the office, or taking a walk.

    Also, having a personalized tumbler handy gives you a visual cue to drink water. Seeing a water tumbler on your person can remind you to drink water, especially when sitting at your office desk.

    How to Clean a Personalized Tumbler?

    We often wait for a visual cue—a funky smell, black mold—before we realize we need to clean bottles. However, it’s crucial to clean your water bottlesbeforethose signs appear. Regular cleaning prevents harmful bacteria from harboring in your tumblers and water bottles.

    To clean your tumbler, just find clean water, fill it up, and you’re guaranteed a clean tumbler. However, it’s daunting to figure out how to clean a personalized tumbler with a straw. This step-by-step guide will make cleaning a customized tumbler and straw super easy.

  • Gather your supplies
  • For some, this step might seem unnecessary; however, running back and forth and rummaging through the house for items can make things more daunting than they need to be.

    You may need the following items to clean a personalized tumbler.

    • Large bristle brush
    • Dishwashing liquid
    • Small tube brush to clean the straw.
  • Disassemble the tumbler
  • First, unscrew the tumbler’s lid; this will give you access to the straw. Some straws are pretty rigid and stand straight in the tumbler, while others are flexible. Often, it’s easier to detach the rigid straw from the nozzle.

    To pull the straw loose, turn it while tugging it. 

  • Clean the tumbler with a large bottle brush
  • This step is straightforward. Just clean the inside of your tumbler with a large bottle brush. That’s because a sponge may not get to the base of your tumbler and remove all the residue.

  • Scrub the straw with a tube brush
  • Plunge the smaller brush halfway through the straw. Next, turn the straw to the other side and repeat. You’ll also have to clean the nozzle. To do that, place it in a position where water will flow through it. Avoid using too much detergent because that’ll make it challenging to get rid of bubbles. 

  • Rinse the tumbler and the straw well
  • Finally, turn on your faucet, and using warm water, rinse off all the detergent. You can use the brushes in this step to be thorough. However, first, ensure you rinse the brushes of any detergent.

    Additional Steps for a Cleaner Tumbler

    Perhaps someone drank from your personalized tumbler accidentally. Or maybe you waited too long to clean it. Take one to two tablespoons of baking soda, put it in warm water, pour the solution into your tumbler, and leave it there for several hours. 

    Next, rinse the tumbler thoroughly. You can also use vinegar or bleach; baking soda is perfect. 

    With these detailed steps, cleaning a personalized tumbler with a straw is no longer a hassle. So stay hydrated today, and don’t forget to clean your personalized tumbler before it becomes grimy.

    How Much Does a Personalized Tumbler With a Straw Cost?

    There is a wide range of personalized tumblers with straws in the marketplace, which is fantastic. On Etsy, for instance,personalized tumblers with a straw cost from $6.48 to $25. 

    Thepersonalized 20 oz tumbler with lid and straw costs $29.50 on Amazon. To customize this tumbler, you’ll need to click on the “Customize Now” button and create your own personalized tumbler. This tumbler is perfect for many occasions, including your best friend’s birthday, graduation party, bridal party, retirement gift, bachelorette party, bridesmaid gift, weddings, etc. 

    Tumbler printing techniques and materials affect their costs, but you should expect to pay $6 to $30 for a personalized tumbler with a straw. Depending on their unique aesthetic appeal and design, some personalized tumblers with a straw cost more than others.

    Is a Personalized Tumbler Worth it?

    Personalized tumblers are an essential part of the disposable society. Personalized tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, like wine glasses and even travel mugs. You can use them for various purposes, including drinking your morning coffee or water.

    They’re worth every penny because they make a perfect gift for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, birthday shower, or anniversary. The great thing is that they come in various styles and colors to suit everyone’s preferences.

    There are many options when it comes to personalized tumblers. For example, you can choose an engraved stainless tumbler or opt for the classic style of the travel mug. Also, some options come with lids and straws, or some even come in two different sizes. So, no matter your preference, there’s likely something perfect for you!

    Further, a custom tumbler is worth it because it offers you a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to your event and makes your guest feel special. A personalized tumbler cup is a great gift for your loved ones, and you can use it as home decor to add a personalized touch to your home. It’s something unique that will make you and your loved ones smile.

    Personalized tumblers are also budget-friendly. No matter your budget for your promotional products, there’s a tumbler design and style to fit your financial needs. Plastic tumblers are perfect for those with a lower budget because a reasonable order can help you buy customized tumblers at a low price per item. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget and are looking for high-end tumblers, you can go for stainless steel or glass tumblers.

    In the business world, if you give your customers a high-quality and attractive branded tumbler, they’re more likely to carry it to the gym, office, or even a coffee shop. As people walk around with their branded tumblers, it’ll keep your business at the top of your minds and lead to conversations with friends, family, and colleagues, ultimately driving more customers to your business.

    Reusable products, including tumblers, motivate people to be environmentally conscious because they won’t use disposable paper or plastic cups. This ensures everyone does their part in conserving the environment. This will also resonate well with your customers because consumers prefer to do business with environmentally conscious brands.

    Final Thoughts

    Personalized tumblers are beautiful, practical, and relatively easy to make. Using the four methods discussed above, you can create customized gifts for your friends, colleagues, and family or make one for yourself to motivate you to drink more water each day!