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Summer '22 Bucket List

June 06, 2022 3 min read

Just because it's getting hotter outside, doesn't mean that your water has to be. HydroJug is here to provide you with cold water all Summer long! We have put together a summer activities guide including a HydroJug to match! Are you ready for an amazing summer? We are!

Our top pick for Water Sports: Pro Jugand Pro Sleeve.

Water sports are the staple of summer. If you have access to a lake or a paddle board this summer, you should definitely add this activity to your list. While your paddling around the lake make sure you take your favorite Pro Jug and Sleeve! This combo is perfect for water sports. Not only is it shatterproof and durable, but it holds 73 oz of water which is the perfect amount to keep you hydrated while you're in that heat and sunshine. The strap on the Sleeve is a must have. This way you can easily carry your Jug when transporting your stuff to the water, and you can even use it to secure your Jug to your board or kayak. The integrated handle makes it easy to drink from and the flip top cap keeps your water in, and other things out.

Our top pick for Hiking: Mini Jugand Mini Sleeve.

Take advantage of the sunshine and go for a hike this summer! There's nothing better than getting outside and moving your body. Our favorite way to look up local hikes is with the AllTrails app. Make sure you take your Mini Jug and Mini Sleeve along for your next hike! This Mini Jug is much lighter than our half gallon and gallon variants, but still holds 32 oz of water so you can stay hydrated on your hike. The Mini Sleeve makes it even more convenient to carry because it loops over your shoulder, and has a large pocket so you can carry your keys and wallet with you.

Our top pick for Camping: HydroJug Glass.

Whether you're in a hammock, tent, or RV camping is a must do activity this summer. Roasting marshmallows over the fire and sleeping under the stars is made even better with the perfect HydroJug. We picked the Glass Jug for camping because it’s half gallon size is large enough to keep you going without having to refill it. It is also the most eco-friendly of Jugs so when it comes to “Leave No Trace”, this Jug is the one.

Our top pick for Pool and Beach Days: Stainless Steel HydroJug.

Get your sun bathing on this summer at the poor or the beach. While you're laying out, don't forget to hydrate! There's nothing worse than taking your water in the sun and sip after sip feel it becoming warmer and warmer. We have it confirmed that the Stainless Steel Jug can sit outside in the sun all day and still keep your water ice cold. There’s seriously nothing better when it comes to a pool or beach day. Just because you’re absorbing the summer heat doesn’t mean your water has to.

Our top pick for BBQs and Picnics: Gallon Jug.

One of the best parts about summer is the outdoor BBQs and Picnics. Food on the grill and fresh fruit and veggies are the best! We chose the Gallon Jug for this activity because it holds a lot of water and is large enough to share with the whole family. If you're picnic-ing somewhere away from home, you won't have to worry about finding more water!

We want you to have the perfect Summer this year. Try to check some of these activities off of your list and make these next couple of months ones to remember!