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Message from our CEO (COVID19)

March 24, 2020 2 min read

HydroJug Family, 

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and staying safe! With the circumstances we are living in we wanted to take the time to address our current situation and give you a full update on what HydroJug is doing during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Workplace & Fulfillment:

Currently all members of our team that are able to work remote are working from home in order to commit to stopping the spread. Our operations team is following strict protocols as directed by the CDC and a few of our own that takes sanitization and safety to the next level. As of March 24th 2020 we are still fulfilling and shipping online orders. We will update you if anything changes. 

Releases & Restocks:

Like most companies our supply chain has been affected by COVID19 and we are doing all we can to keep our products in stock and have frequent releases for new products. With that being said, we expect the earliest restock of certain bottles and sleeve patterns to be within 1 month. We expect everything else to be restocked within 2-3 months. As always we encourage you to be on our newsletter list to be notified as soon as they restock. Thank you for being patient with us. Your incredible support has created growth we did not expect and we are ordering more inventory than ever so we can avoid these issues in the future!

Helping in the community: 

We are making our best effort to support our community at this time. We are not going to layoff or suspend pay to any of our employees to insure that their families are taken care of. We are also supporting local restaurants through their dine-out services to make sure they are getting business in this difficult time. We have donated financially to causes to help relieve families that have been impacted by COVID19 along with donating face masks to our local hospital.

Home Workouts: 

We know from experience that this quarantine thing can be difficult!! So our head of PR has put together her best home workouts and recorded them for you to enjoy! Here is the link:

Positivity vs Fear:

In the health & fitness world we continue to drive towards becoming a better version of ourselves. We push through the difficult times in order to achieve our goals. We are using this mentality at HydroJug and invite you to do the same! Be a positive example to those around you and do not let uncertainty or fear be a part of your life! We can get through this together!

We look forward to what the future holds for us as a community!

Best Wishes,

Hayden Wadsworth