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Feel the Difference with HydroJug

March 15, 2021 4 min read

What if we told you the secret to improving your overall health was as simple as drinking a gallon of water. Yes, that’s it, nothing more to it. By drinking 128 ounces of water daily you can see improvements in your energy, mental clarity, skin, weight loss, and overall wellness. Seems too good to be true? Well it’s not and we challenge you to try it out for yourself. Drink a gallon a day for 7 days and see the difference for yourself, your body will feel a difference. Here are the ways drinking a gallon of water a day can improve your health. 

Overall Wellness 

Our body is primarily made up of water, as we go throughout the day we lose our water levels without even realizing it. We lose water by excretion, breathing, sweating, and through our body's functions. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost over 1 percent of its water levels. 

Water is crucial to your health because every cell and tissue inside of your body requires water to function. It helps our bodies maintain heart and lung function, regulates body temperature, boost your immune system, and lubricate joints.

The average person could live without food for almost a month, but we could only survive about 3 days without water—that’s how essential water is. We need it in our bodies to help with our day to day functions. 

Energy Boost 

A little unknown fact about water is that it is one of the main sources of energy for your body. By replenishing your water levels daily your body will be able maintain your energy levels for the day. Water helps blood and oxygen flow through your organs, making you feel more alert and energized. The next time you feel sluggish, drink some water to help give your body that boost it needs to get going. 

If working out is part of your daily routine, you will definitely want to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day. If you are dehydrated your physical performance can decrease. You may feel tired during your performance. To keep your body at its peak performance level you will need to hydrate.

Weight Management/Curbs appetite 

Studies done by theNational Library of Medicine found that drinking water can aid in weight management. Hydration plays a key role in the processes that contribute to you weight, digestion, and your metabolism rate. 

By having water in your system your body naturally suppresses your appetite which helps moderate your caloric intake. A lot of times people mistake hunger for thirst, this can lead to excess eating. The next time you feel hungry drink some water and wait 10 minutes to see if you are still hungry, if you are then you are truly hungry if not your body was just needing water.

Like we said before water is the main source of energy for your body, so the more water you consume it can help speed up your metabolism helping you burn more calories. Without water, the body cannot properly metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates. Drinking enough water is essential for your metabolism to do its job.

Another way water helps with weight management is by aiding in digestion. When you are dehydrated your body has a difficult time removing the waste in your body. When waste builds it can lead to bloating which can add inches to your waist. Staying hydrated is a good way to avoid retaining waste. 

Mental Clarity 

Drinking water is important for your mental health. The human brain is made up of about 75 percent water, and is the first to feel the effects of dehydration. The first way that dehydration affects the brain is slowing circulation which alters how we think and feel. With our brain not in tip top shape it can become harder for us to memorize things and focus. Drinking a gallon a day keeps your mind sharp and alert for the tasks at hand.

Have a headache? Not drinking enough water causes the brain tissues to shrink, which can contribute to headaches. Try drinking more water next time you feel a headache coming on to hydrate your brain tissue.

Clear Skin 

Staying hydrated provides many benefits to your body including your biggest organ- your skin. The skin is made up of cells that are composed of water. Keeping your skin hydrated will help your skin stay in its best shape. Here are the reasons why it should be a key part of your daily skin care routine.

Water helps your skin maintain moisture, which will increase your elasticity. The more elastic your skin the tighter it becomes with fewer wrinkles.  Keeping your skin plumper, which can slow down the signs of aging.

The more water you drink the better your skin balances your natural oils and water, helping reduce acne breakouts and shrink your pore size. Water also helps flush out the toxins from your body which can help improve your complexion and leave you with natural glowing skin.

So what are you waiting for? Start drinking water today. HydroJug makes it easy to get a gallon of water in a day. Take the challenge with us this week and feel the difference for yourself. To get started find out how much water you should be drinking daily with our water calculator.