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Shaker Cup

May 16, 2022 5 min read

What is a shaker cup?

You’ve probably seen these around, even if you weren’t sure what they’re called: shaker cups or bottles are usually BPA-free plastic or metallic drinking containers, which might look somewhat like just a regularstainless steel bottle. They usually have a flip lid that attaches tightly to prevent leaks or spills, and might come with a built-in straw or a simple flap opening.

The main difference between shaker bottles and “regular” water bottles is that shaker bottles have a mechanism built into them to help them mix additions (like protein powder, flavoring, vitamin mixes, and more) into your drink on the go. While they can be used as a normal drinking vessel, they’re usually found helping people keep their drinks well-mixed while they’re out and about, and are a common companion for bikers, joggers, and other fitness lovers who are on the move. 

Why would I want a shaker cup?

That’s an excellent question! Like many specialized dishes, silverware, or kitchen appliances, shaker cups are familiar and strange. It’s easy to see the benefit of the “cup” function, since having a dedicated water bottle with you during the day is helpful. Having your own bottle to carry around has improved hydration for many people, and shaker cups can play a role. 

However, they’re also notjusta cup.

The “shaker” part of the name is where you’ll probably find your reason to choose a shaker cup over a normal drinking vessel. Since shaker cups include a method for mixing or blending their contents, they can do more than just carry liquid for you: they can also mix your drinks.

Typically, a shaker bottle is used to mix powder into a liquid. As mentioned above, this might take the form of a protein powder, added to your liquid to turn it into a protein shake. In addition, users can blend smoothies or pre-workout drinks with various powdered mixes. You might also find blender bottles useful when you’re trying to add additional nutrients or vitamins to your regular water intake, or even just for adding flavor to encourage yourself to drink more.

How do they work?

The design of the shaker “ball” in the cup or bottle is the key to how shaker cups can mix things so effectively. Most shaker cups have a mixing ball made of metal, sphere-shaped, and composed of interlocking wires that leave plenty of room between each of their lines. This lets the mixing ball work essentially in the same way that a whisk works: liquids and particulate solids will be stirred by its motion, and the lines of the ball or whisk break them up and force them to mix together more efficiently than, say, stirring it with a spoon. 

Simply add all the ingredients you want to combine (usually liquids and powders). Then, close the bottle lid securely and shake the bottle for a short time, letting the mixer jostle the contents and stir them together.  

While this might not be the most effective way of breaking clumps from larger ingredients (like a banana), it’s a great method for mixing in protein powder, vitamin mix, or a flavor packet with your drink, or even for mixing several liquids together. Best of all? This works wherever you need it, whenever. 

Why not just use a blender?

Well, you could do that, it’s true. But it’s not always going to be the easier solution.

Picture this: you’ve just gotten done with a workout at the gym of your choice, and you want to get in a good post-workout drink with some protein powder mixed into it. But you’ve already drunk everything from your bottle during the workout, and you probably didn’t bring a blender with you to make more (at least, I hope not).

Here’s a second scenario: maybe you’re out on a hike, possibly somewhere that gets a little hot, and you know how important staying hydrated while you’re on your expedition. You also know that it’s a lot easier to drink enough water when it has been “enhanced” with some additional flavors, just to trick your body into craving it more frequently. 

So you want to bring some of your favorite healthy drink mixes along with you, but guess what? You’re probably not going to find an outlet in the wilderness to mix drinks with a blender, (and again, why did you bring a blender on your hike?). And you might not want to bring a bunch of already-opened water bottles that you mixed before the hike began, since they are more likely to leak or spill that way.

That’s why blender bottles are alotmore convenient when you’re on the go! Even when you’re at school or work, and refilling your bottle from a fountain, fridge, or sink, shaker bottles let you add whatever you want or need to add to your bottle and mix it up on the spot. In those cases, all you’ll need to bring with you is the bottle and whatever you’re adding to your water.

Of course, there are times when you’ll want a blender, or maybe even just a normal water bottle. Shaker bottles tend to be on the wider side, so if you prefer thinner bottles, they might not be your favorite thing. Similarly, if you’re making a drink with more solid ingredients, like fruits, kale, or anything else that you might add to a smoothie, a blender will be able to mix things that a shaker bottle would just stir around.

But shaker bottles definitely have their place. With a shaker bottle, there’s no need to go find an outlet and plug anything in, no need to prepare all your drinks at the start of the day, and no need to bring more than one bottle around with you! A shaker bottle is easier to carry around and quieter than a blender. It’s also better than trying to stir your drink around with your bottle’s straw, or getting a spoon to force everything to mix. It’s a simple upgrade to a standard water bottle that makes it more helpful for certain refreshments. 

So, should you get a shaker bottle/cup? Chances are, you’ll be able to find some use for it! If anything discussed in this article was interesting to you, you should consider finding a shaker bottle to try it out for yourself. Try looking for retailers likeHydroJug, who sell many different drinking vessels that can help with all your hydration-related needs.