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Cute Water Bottles

July 08, 2022 14 min read

Cute Water Bottles-  Helping You Stay Hydrated and Looking Good While Doing It.


Most of us want to become healthier, and that means drinking enough water and staying hydrated every day. While doing so, we also want to be friendlier to the environment, which means using fewer (or ideally no) disposable plastic bottles.


As the world is moving towards becoming healthier and more environmentally friendly, there has been a massive increase in the demand and production of reusable water bottles. Today's reusable drinking bottles are no longer plain and boring. You can get reusable drinking bottles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can even be made from different materials.


Some are elaborately decorated, while others have a simple modern look. What’s more, even if you can’t find a drinking bottle that you like, you can DIY your own cute water bottle that can match your personality and style!


Why you need to stay hydrated this summer.

Water makes up a large percentage of your body. About 60% of adult men's bodies are water. Similarly, 55% of adult women's bodies are made of water. 64% of your skin and about 73% of your heart and brain is water. Your kidneys and muscles are around 79%, and your bones are 31% water (whoever came up with the saying" bone dry?"). That makes hydration super important!


As you go about your day, you lose a lot of fluid, and that fluid needs to be replaced. Some people could feel thirsty often enough to drink enough water to keep them hydrated. Other people's bodies might not prompt them as often, which could mean that they're not drinking enough water every day.


The amount of water you need each day depends on various factors, including the environment, the weather, your health condition, and your activity levels. The general recommendation is that adults should drink between 1.5 and 2.5 liters of water every day.


While this sounds like a lot, you don't only need to get your fluids from water. Most hot and cold beverages, including some sodas, coffee, tea, and fruit juices, can also count towards your daily fluid intake. Remember that caffeinated drinks could actually dehydrate you and that those need to be consumed in moderation. Besides consuming fluids, between 20 and 30% of your daily water intake can come from your food.


Here are some reasons why you need to drink plenty of water this summer:

  •         Water helps to produce saliva that enables you to swallow and break down food.
  •         It helps to regulate your body temperature.
  •         Water protects and lubricates your joints, muscles, and spinal cord.
  •         Waste products are eliminated through sweating, urinating, and defecating. These three functions require water to work correctly.
  •         You can become (or stay) constipated if you do not consume enough fluids.
  •         Water helps your body digest food and absorb nutrients.
  •         It helps you feel satiated and full. It also boosts your metabolism and gives you more energy. Which can all help you lose weight.
  •         Water helps to increase the oxygen levels in your blood which can improve your circulation and benefit your entire body.
  •         If your brain is not efficiently hydrated, you could struggle to focus or think, have a difficult time remembering things, and generally experience fuzzy thoughts.
  •         Poor hydration could lead to fatigue, confusion, and anxiety.

Drinking plenty of water can keep your skin plump and hydrated without necessarily needing plenty of expensive moisturizers. In fact, drinking enough water can even increase your skin's collagen, leaving you looking younger and fresher.


How can you be motivated to drink more?

It's not always easy to drink enough water throughout the day. Still, there are some ways that you can motivate yourself to drink more water and stay hydrated.


Have goals.

You can start all by setting yourself a daily water drinking goal. If you find it very difficult to drink water, start off with a couple of glasses a day and gradually increase the amount you drink by a glass each week. Slowly increase the amount of water you drink to reach the recommended amount.


Use a bottle you like.

Use a water bottle that you enjoy looking at, which could motivate you to drink more water. You are more likely to carry a pretty water bottle with you, kind of like an accessory. You could have motivational sayings that encourage you to drink more water on your water bottles. Phrases like "Drink up!" or "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate" could get you drinking more. Don’t underestimate the influence that a good motivational water bottle can have on your daily water intake.


On the other hand, you might prefer having a motivational quote or mantra or even just an image that you enjoy seeing on your water bottle.


Similarly, use a drinking bottle that you enjoy drinking from. You may prefer a bottle with a wide mouth, one with a drinking spout, or even one where you can use your own reusable straw or straw lid.


You could consider using a wide mouth bottle(instead of one with a standard mouth) that makes drinking water easier, especially if you like to gulp it down. These will also make it easier to add ice to your drink. If you spend a lot of time in your car, look for a water bottle that can fit in the cup holder.


If you prefer hot drinks (or ones that stay cold for longer), look for an insulated water bottle. Insulated bottles tend to keep the temperature of your beverage for longer. That means you can enjoy your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.


Drink flavored water.

Sometimes nothing quite quenches your thirst as cool, clear fresh water. Other times it might be a bit of a struggle to drink plain old boring water. In these cases, you can make your own flavored water that tastes great without adding a bunch of sugar.


Try infusing your water with fruits or herbs. Berries, cucumber, lemon, and apple all work well to add some flavor to drinking water, as do herbs like mint and basil.


The great thing about infused water is that you can drink flavored water without adding any calories to your diet! You can also play around and mix different flavors like blueberries and mint or strawberries and basil. 


Use technology.

There are plenty of water drinking apps that you can download onto your smartphone. These apps can track how much water you drink each day, help motivate you, and even remind you to drink water throughout the day.


Use a straw.

Straws help you drink more water. You don't necessarily drink more water with each sip that you take through a straw. Instead, the straw makes it more convenient to drink water because you don't have to pick up and tilt a container to drink. In fact, you could even drink completely hands-free.


Keep in mind that sometimes straws can increase the amount of air you swallow, too, and that could make you feel bloated or uncomfortable.


Some reusable water bottles have special straw lids that accommodate reusable straws. In other bottles, you may need to just keep the straw loose.


How a cute water bottle can help you to be motivated to drink more water.

If you have a cute water bottle, you will probably want to carry it around with you wherever you go. That means you will always have water on hand when you want to have a drink. In turn, it could help you to drink more of your favorite beverages throughout the day.


You may even want to decorate your plastic water bottle with measurements showing how much water you have drunk so far. This works great if you have a water bottle that holds half or even the total amount of water that you want to drink every day.


A different measuring system could show you the increments of water that you need to drink by a specific time of the day. For example, you could add lines that indicate how much the level of water should have gone down (because you drank it) by 8 AM, 9 AM, and so forth. This way, you can track your water intake based on how your day progresses.


Remember the benefits of drinking water.

It could help to remind yourself why you are drinking water and that you're not only doing it because everyone is telling you it's good for you.


Drinking water can keep you physically and mentally healthy. It can help you lose weight, increase the oxygen in your blood, and even help you look younger and more radiant.


Options for cute and aesthetic water bottles for kids and adults.

The options for cute and aesthetic water bottles are endless. Water bottle manufacturers put plenty of time and resources into researching and developing water bottles that will appeal to persons of all ages, backgrounds, and different genders.


Water bottles can be made from durable plastic, glass, food grade stainless steel, or even aluminum. They may come with straws, straw lids, or built-in spouts, or they might simply have a screw top with a wide mouth.


You can choose from clear water bottles, frosted or clear glass bottles, opaque plastic in all colors, plain food grade stainless steel bottles, or painted metal reusable water bottles. In all likelihood, you can find a beautiful, cute water bottle that you will fall in love with.


Some ideas to DIY cute water bottles.

If you don't find a reusable water bottle that you like, or you want to have one that is uniquely yours, you can customize and decorate your own cute water bottle. It doesn't have to be expensive to make your own cute water bottle. Still, you may need some supplies like stickers, vinyl, paint, or even glass etching cream. Here are some cute bottle ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


The supplies you will need will depend on your budget and the end result that you would like to achieve.


Here are a few ways that you can DIY your own cute water bottle.


Decorate your water bottle with stickers.

This will work great for both kids' and adults' water bottles. Kids always have a bunch of stickers lying around. These can be used to decorate your water bottles instead of being stuck on your walls or windows. Or you could go and buy stickers specifically to decorate your plastic water bottle.


When using stickers to decorate your water bottle, you can stick to one theme and add stickers of different sizes and textures. For example, you could decorate your water bottle with stickers from places that you've visited or your favorite motivational sayings.


On the other hand, you can create a collage of stickers that may seem unrelated but that you really enjoy looking at. For example, you could add a beautiful glitter sticker of a snowflake along with a sticker of your favorite sports team or a funny saying.


When customizing your water bottle with stickers, you can add as many or as few as you want. One or two stickers may be enough, or you can cover your entire water bottle with a mosaic of stickers.


Temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to temporarily decorate your cute water bottle. They do not last much longer than a wash, so be prepared to replace them as often as you wash your water bottle. On the upside, that means you can customize and change the design of your water bottle more regularly.


You can apply the temporary tattoo to your water bottle the same way you would apply it to your skin. Cut out the temporary tattoo. Secure it in place with the image side down where you would like the design to be. Then take a wet sponge and saturate the backing paper of the temporary tattoo.


This will transfer the temporary tattoo onto your drinking bottle. Ensure that the entire area of the backing paper where the image is is wet to avoid transferring a partial image. Once you are confident that you have saturated the entire area holding the image, slowly peel off the backing paper. You should be left with the temporary tattoo now proudly displayed on your drinking bottle.



Bring out the artist in you by creating your own masterpiece on your water bottle. All purpose or water-based paint may chip or scratch over time and wash off when you scrub your water bottle. But if you use all purpose enamel paint, you can create beautiful designs on your water bottle that should withstand most normal wear and tear. In some cases, water bottles with these designs can even be washed in the dishwasher.


Painting a customized design on your water bottle is a great way to express your personality. You can paint images or words freehand or use stencils or other guides if you like a more structured and finished look.


If you have a clear water bottle, you could print or draw your design or an outline of your design on a piece of paper. When you do this, ensure that the design is the same size as you would want it displayed on your water bottle. Then you can place the paper inside the bottle and secure it with a few pieces of tape. You can use this image to help guide you when you paint your final design on the outside of your water bottle.


Vinyl water bottle decorations.

Vinyl is a type of PVC resin. It is a durable plastic material that is resistant to moisture and humidity. Vinyl stickers can be used to decorate and customize water bottles.


Vinyl stickers are slightly different from regular stickers. With vinyl stickers, you don't necessarily have images with various different colors in them. Instead, letters or images are cut out of one color of vinyl. It works great if you want to add a simple image, logo, or word to your cute water bottle.


You can cut vinyl by hand with scissors or an X-acto knife. It is easy when you use guides to help you. However, you will need a steady hand if you want to cut out freeform objects like graphics or letters. If you plan on cutting a lot of vinyl, you could consider investing in something like a Cricut cutting machine. This machine can cut nearly anything that you would usually cut with scissors or an X-acto knife, including vinyl.


The Cricut cutting machine only cuts the vinyl and not the backing paper. You can then remove any vinyl around the letters or images that you want to place on your water bottle. When you are done, you will be left with only the words or images that you want to place on your water bottle, still stuck to the backing paper.


To easily get your design onto your water bottle, you can use transfer tape. This will be stuck over your design. Rub over the design to transfer it from the backing paper onto the transfer tape.


You can then use the transfer tape to stick your vinyl stickers where you would like them. Remember to rub down on each letter or image, getting all the edges. Then slowly peel back the transfer tape to ensure that all your vinyl designs are securely stuck to your water bottle.


If you have hand-cut your vinyl, you could simply peel the backing and stick it as you would a regular sticker. Even then, using transfer tape could help you position your designs as you want them before you place them on your water bottle. In this case, you may need to stick each letter or image onto the transfer tape, with the backing paper facing up. If you are assembling a word from multiple loose letters, remember that when you are placing the letters on the transfer tape, you will need to do this as a mirror image of the final design. It will then display correctly once it is transferred onto your water bottle.


The great thing about vinyl stickers is that you can cut out individual letters with no need for a background. They look great on colored and clear water bottles. More than that, good quality vinyl stickers hold up well when you wash your water bottle; they are waterproof and relatively durable. Unlike paper stickers, they will not stretch, tear, or even rub off when they become wet.


Customized etching on glass.

You could put a customized image or phrase on glass bottles. It's relatively easy to do, and you should be able to get all the fish supplies at your local craft store.


At the very least, you will need some protective gear like gloves, and long sleeve shirts, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, glass etching cream, and a paintbrush.


You can apply the glass etching cream free hand or use an adhesive stencil. You can even use the stencil created from cutting out a vinyl sticker that you used on a different water bottle.


Before you start, make sure that your water bottle is clean and give it a good rub with some rubbing alcohol to be double sure. Stick your stencil onto the surface of your bottle and make sure that there are no air pockets. You may want to use some painter's tape to make sure your stencil is secure or to cover any areas that you do not want to be etched.


If you want the letters to be frosted, use a stencil where the letters are cut out. You will then apply the glass etching cream to these empty spaces. The cream will erode the glass where it is in contact with your water bottle, leaving the glass of the rest of your bottle clear and see-through.


To mix things up, you could block out or cover the letters or images and apply the glass edging cream to the rest of your water bottle. You will then be left with a water bottle that looks frosty, while the letters or images that you had covered with a sticker will be left clear and see-through.


Apply the glass etching cream following the manufacturer's guidelines and leave it on for the required amount of time. When you are ready, carefully rinse off the etching cream with water. You may need to use a brush to remove any stubborn or excess etching cream. Remove the stencil and dry the area with a cotton ball.


Remember, that this will only work with glass water bottles. Also, keep in mind that the glass etching cream could damage porcelain sinks. Therefore, it's best to rinse the cream in a stainless steel sink.

The glass etching cream may contain harmful chemicals. You should wear protective gear and wash your water bottle thoroughly before using it.


Water bottle sleeves.

A less permanent way to customize your water bottle is to use a water bottle sleeve. These are specially designed to fit your water bottle and slip over the outside of the bottle. You can change the water bottle sleeve as often as you'd like and even change them to match your outfits or mood.


Water bottle sleeves offer additional protection to your water bottle, keeping it safe from scratches and dents. It could even help minimize the chances of you breaking a glass water bottle if you drop it (within reason, of course). The sleeves can also insulate your water bottle, keeping the contents warm or cold and avoiding the buildup of condensation. Condensation could make your water bottle slippery, at best, making your hands wet and at worst, causing you to drop your bottle.


Super cute water jugs from HydroJug.

HydroJug has a variety of cute water jugs. They have opaque plastic jugs in a variety of colors, including some beautiful ombre and glitter jugs. The stainless steel water bottle range includes painted stainless steel, matte stainless steel jugs, metallic stainless steel jugs, and a few ombre options. The HydroJug glass jugs come with either a smooth or studded silicone sleeve.


You can also get a cute sleeve or additional colored lid for your HydroJug water jug to customize your reusable drinking bottle further. HydroJug sleeves come in a variety of prints and materials to help you make your water bottle even more fun and exciting. The lids are either Classic Lids or Pro Poly Lids and come in a variety of colors.


Lastly, you may want to add a reusable drinking straw to make drinking water more convenient. The HydroJug reusable drinking straws have three detachable parts so that you can clean them easily. It also has a silicone base so that you can adjust it to fit different-sized bottles.


How can HydroJug help me stay hydrated this summer?

HydroJug Water jugs help you stay hydrated by carrying your water with you. They come in a variety of sizes. The mini can hold 32 oz of fluid. Pro and Classic HydroJugs can hold 73 oz of fluid and the gallon jugs, well, hold a gallon or 128oz of fluid. That means that you can find the size no matter your daily fluid intake requirements.


A cute water bottle makes it easier to stay hydrated because you may be more likely to carry it with you wherever you go. This way, you can take advantage of all the wonderful benefits that drinking water holds for you while having a cold drink on hand. There is a massive variety of cubes water bottles available for purchase. You can also make your own if you're into DIY projects. Or, you can look at the great range of cute water bottles offered by HydroJug!