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Why Buy A HydroJug?

April 10, 2023 2 min read

When looking for the perfect water bottle, you have to consider how every feature is going to help you drink enough water. HydroJug goes above and beyond to make sure that every feature is made to do just that. These Jugs are proven to help you drink more water and here are the features that make it possible…

Sip Pour Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece brings a level of functionality that you won’t find in many Jugs. The Stainless Steel and Glass HydroJugs have this feature. This allows you to sip directly from the mouthpiece when the included straw is attached, or you can remove the straw and drink traditionally by tipping your Jug. The mouthpiece also includes a hygienic cover which seals your water in with a satisfying snap.

Rubber Base

At HydroJug, even the smallest details matter. Our rubber base found on our SHKRs and Stainless Jugs is a bigger asset than you may realize. Not only does this rubber base play a role in protecting your bottles and your surfaces, but it also allows you to set your bottle down without a loud sound.

Leak Proof Tumbler Lid

Our HydroSHKRs come with two lids, one of them being a tumbler lid with a straw. What makes the HydroJug tumbler lid so unique is that it is leak proof. This means that you can shake up your supplements with the tumbler lid on your jug, then insert the straw and go.

Accessories Included

Many of the HydroJug products include accessories that are not included on other brand’s bottles. Here’s the breakdown:

Glass HydroJug Includes:


Silicone Sleeve

Stainless HydroJug Includes:


Mini HydroJug Includes:

Straw Lid

HydroSHKRs Include:

Pro Lid

Tumbler Lid


SHKR Grate

Interchangeable Lids

In order to make our Jugs as functional as possible, almost all of our lids are interchangeable. All of the Mini, SHKR, Half Gallon, and Gallon lids are interchangeable. This means that if you want to switch your lids between Jugs or add a straw lid to any Jug, you are able to. The Glass and Stainless lids are interchangeable between each other as well.

A Sleeve For Every Bottle

One thing that HydroJug has implemented recently is that every bottle has a sleeve so you can accessorize your bottle and take it hands-free. Sleeves are a game changer when it comes to staying hydrated because they allow you to take your bottle anywhere, provide storage for your small essentials, and protect your bottle from damage.