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The Best Types Of Water To Drink

February 14, 2023 2 min read

The most common types of water that people drink are tap, mineral, spring, and purified water. In the United States we have access to all of these kinds. Have you ever disliked the taste of water you’ve gotten from a particular fountain or faucet? This may be because the water contained different mineral content than you are used to. Which kinds of water are the best to drink and what are the differences in them? 

Tap Water-

Tap water is the most easily accessible source of water, and is found in many cities. It is treated and disinfected to meet safety standards. However, the quality of tap water can vary greatly depending on the location and guidelines of each city. This is why you should look up the tap water quality for the city you are visiting or residing in before drinking from it. There are filtration pitchers you can buy or you can install filtration systems on your tap if you don’t like the taste of the water, or if there are things you’d like to filter out.

Mineral Water-

Mineral water is naturally occurring water that contains dissolved minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium which are good for your muscles, bones, and joints. It is often marketed as having health benefits, but it is important to note that the mineral content can vary greatly depending on the source.

Spring Water-

Spring water is water that is naturally sourced from an underground spring and can have a unique taste and mineral content. Some people prefer the taste of spring water over tap or mineral water. Spring water can be found using different websites or apps that show you your closest local spring. If you don’t feel like adventuring to your nearest spring, Ozarka Brand water is 100% natural spring water and comes already bottled and available for purchase.

Purified Water-

Purified water is water that has gone through a filtration process to remove impurities, such as chlorine and heavy metals. This type of water is often used for medical purposes and is considered pure, but it can also lack the mineral content found in other types of water.

Ultimately, the best type of water to drink is a matter of personal preference. It is important to consider factors such as taste, cost, and the mineral content when choosing the right type of water for you. The minerals found in water can be important to your health, but if you don’t like the taste you can try infusing your water with fruit to add a different flavor.