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HydroJug Service Project With TNFU

November 05, 2021 2 min read

In honor of Earth Tones week, we thought we would highlight one of our favorite company service projects that we did during the summer. We volunteered at theTrails Foundation of Northern Utah to rebuild one of the bridges on the Pineview West/North ArmTrail!


About TFNU

TheTrails Foundation of Northern Utah is a non profit organization that maintains trails and nature areas across Northern Utah from SnowBasin to North Fork. Their vision is to promote non motorized transportation by making outdoor activities accessible to everyone. They do this by cleaning and maintaining trails. The largest way you can help out TFNU is by becoming a sustainingmember for as little as $5 a month.

If you want to know more you can view all of Trails Foundation of Northern Utah’s projectshere


How HydroJug Contributed

We spent the day with the TFNU work crew helping to rebuild the 270 ft boardwalk on the North Arm Trail. We began the project by placing new wood over the damaged boardwalk, and cut it to fit the shape of the trail. After securing the new wood, our team began painting the path. It took three coats of paint to fully cover the wood. Once the paint was down, we placed sand over top of the new bridge to give traction and a glossy finish. While some of us were building the new bridge, others were doing landscaping on other parts of the trail. We also donated HydroJugs to the TFNU work crew to help keep them hydrated on the job.


We love every opportunity we get to give back. Especially to a non profit that cares about maintaining outdoor recreation and the environment. HydroJug is a company that has a heavy focus on sustainability so we really felt like our values aligned with those of TFNU. If you’re curious about becoming avolunteer or amember check out theirwebsite! If you’re curious to see more about our project make sure to check out our  vlog on YouTube.


It’s Earth Tones week so make sure you take a moment to get outside and enjoy spending a little time in nature!