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Traveler Sleeve

Take your hydration hands-free with the Traveler Sleeve. We’ve designed it to keep your Traveler cup holder friendly and ready to go wherever you do. This Sleeve includes two pockets for your phone and other small essentials and is made from premium neoprene for a snug and aesthetic fit.
*Only compatible with the HydroJug Traveler 40oz.
Key Features:
  • Secure velcro attachment
  • Adjustable carry strap (removable)
  • Large zipper pocket
  • Phone pocket
  • Cut-outs for handle and base (still cup holder friendly)
  • Premium neoprene

*Only compatible with the HydroJug Traveler.
  • The neoprene sleeves are safe to wash in a machine but we suggest removing the strap and laying the sleeve out to air dry.