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Tropic 3 Pack Straw


Introducing the HydroJug Tropic 3 Pack, The HydroJug Straw you know and love is now available in a colored bundle option.This pack includes 1 Mint Straw, 1 Purple Straw, and 1 Fuchsia Straw. Now you can sip in style with these reusable colored straws.

Our reusable straws are made from non-toxic, tasteless, and BPA free plastic.

All our straws feature a silicone bottom that will bend allowing your straw to close down inside your HydroJug when the flip cap is closed. You can enjoy sipping from your straw and not worry about it tipping over and spilling everywhere. The Silicone tip of the HydroJug Straw is removable for cleaning purposes.


Our HydroJug Straw:

  • Can be closed inside your bottle
  • Has a removable top for easy cleaning
  • Has a silicone bottom pushes straw in place when opened