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HydroJug Brush Set
HydroJug Brush Set
HydroJug Brush Set
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HydroJug Brush Set

Time for a DEEP Clean with our Brush Set

Our water bottles are dishwasher-safe. However, if you want to go a step further the Brush Set is for you. We designed 3 separate brushes that go specifically with our products. The HydroJug Brush will fit in the HydroJug's handle and bend so you can reach the hard to get areas. The HydroStraw Brush will fit perfectly inside and you can clean the entire length of the Straw. The Lid Brush will fit perfectly to clean the lid spout and each piece of the Lid on the HydroJug!

Our HydroJug Brush Set includes:

  • HydroJug Brush
  • HydroStraw Brush
  • Lid Brush


Innovative. It’s a word that’s way overused. But there’s no better way to describe our unique drinking system. Its patented design delivers an entirely new kind of drinking experience.

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