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Raspberry Lemonade Hydro E.I.E. Supplement
Supplement Facts for Raspberry Lemonade E.I.E.
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Hydro E.I.E. Raspberry Lemonade (30 Servings)

Flavor your half gallon of water with Hydro E.I.E. and get the benefits of Electrolytes, Immunity Vitamins, and Natural Energy!

If you love something a little more sweet to sip on this flavor is for you. Enjoy the refreshing taste of raspberry lemonade while getting all of your essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day!

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Natural Lemon Flavor, Malic Acid, Stevia, Organic Acacia Gum, Rice Fiber.


Innovative. It’s a word that’s way overused. But there’s no better way to describe our unique drinking system. Its patented design delivers an entirely new kind of drinking experience.

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