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Black Leopard Stainless Steel

Things are getting WILD with our newest Stainless Steel Jug! Say hello to the Black Leopard Stainless. This Jug features a one of a kind glossy Black Leopard print on a matte black surface. This Jug is dropping on March 19, 2022 at 9 AM PST. Click the link below to be notified the second that the Black Leopard Stainless is available!


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The Black Leopard Stainless will feature our new lid. This lid is one of our favorite features. The dual function spout on the lid provides you with convenience like never before. We wanted to go in depth on how awesome this lid is and teach you how to get the most out of your HydroJug.

Every Glass and Stainless Jug comes with the same lid, meaning it is interchangeable between the Jugs. One of the greatest things about the new lid is that it comes with a Straw which eliminates the need for you to buy any extra accessories. The Straw comes attached to the lid.

This straw is very easy to remove and equally as easy to put back on. All you have to do is pull it out of the hole on the underside of the lid to take it off, and to attach it again you just need to push it back into that same hole. This makes cleaning the straw and the lid very easy.

On top of the lid, there is a flip cap. When you open the flip cap you will see a slightly raised hole. This is the mouthpiece. If you prefer to drink from a straw, all you have to do is use the mouthpiece like the top of a straw and sip. You do not have to tip your HydroJug to get water through the straw. Keep it upright. If you prefer to drink without a straw all you have to do is remove the straw from the lid, and then you tip your HydroJug to get water to come out of the mouthpiece. 

Make sure to grab our newest Black Leopard Stainless Steel Jug this Saturday at 9am PST. This is a core product so it will be around for a while. If you have any more questions about the lid you can click here to watch a YouTube video about the new Lid.



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