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Our mission is to make awesome products that make it easier for everyone to drink more water in order to help them live a healthier lifestyle! Now, we want you to help us reach that goal. Join Team HydroJug and help others around you live a healthier lifestyle by drinking more water! Plus, they get a discount and you get paid!


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Step 1

Purchase the Ambassador Pack or Remaining Products! (We will send you a discount code to purchase after you apply)

We want all of our Ambassadors to be successful. In order to advertise effectively and sell the most product each Ambassador needs at least one of each of our products. So, you can either buy the Ambassador Pack for 30% off or you can send us your order numbers for product you already have and purchase the rest of the products you need! Either way we want you on our team!

You can purchase your Ambassador Pack above or visit our website to purchase the products you still need. (2 HydroJug's, 1 HydroStraw, 1 HydroSleeve, & 1 HydroCarrier.)

Step 2

Complete the application below! You will then receive a Welcome Email with your discount code to purchase the Ambassador Pack & detailed instructions!

Make sure you respond to that email with your Order Numbers for the Ambassador Pack or send them in the message center in our Ambassador Software.

Step 3

Setup your Ambassador account.

1) Create your Username and Password

2) Fill our your general information

3) Fill out your PayPal Information

4) Request your discount code for 10% OFF (larger amounts will not be approved and your application will be denied)

5) Wait for approval (once we receive your order number we will approve your application & discount code)

We include detailed instruction is the Welcome Email if you need them!