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Topaz Bundle

Topaz Bundle (Special Edition)
What it is: The Topaz Bundle includes everything you need to start reaching your hydration goals.

*HydroJug does not recommend using Classic or Pro Sleeves on our Stainless Steel or Glass Jugs as they could potentially damage both products

This Bundle is Special Edition.
The Set Contains:
  • Topaz Pro HydroJug: This Pro HydroJug features glitter flecks and it is definitely the mood for the New Year. Over half gallon capacity (73oz).
  • Topaz Pro Sleeve: Take things up a notch with our limited edition Topaz Pro Sleeve. This metallic Sleeve brings some serious shine and excitement to your hydration.
  • Topaz Straw: The reusable Topaz Straw matches the Jug and Sleeve perfectly. It is made from 3 detachable parts for easy cleaning and is adjustable.
  • Customized Collector’s Edition Box: The Topaz Box is completely unique to this release. This box could be the perfect place to store your HydroJug when you’re not using it.
  • Wash your jug before using it for the first time. Our products are top rack dishwasher safe. If you have a hard time fitting it on the top rack try laying it on its side with the handle down.
  • You may also use warm soapy water to wash our products.
  • If rubber seal falls off during wash you can easily put it back into place by starting at one end and raging your fingers around the lid in opposite directions.
  • The neoprene sleeves are safe to wash in a machine but we suggest removing the strap and laying the sleeve out to air dry.