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Holiday Gift Guide

December 01, 2021 2 min read

The holidays are our favorite time of year at HydroJug. It’s the time for celebration, giving gifts, and spending time with friends and family. This year we came up with some Holiday inspired combinations that really drive home the holiday spirit. You can get these amazing combos, and create your own holiday inspired combos by using ourHydroviewer.

Inspired by Mistletoe

White Pro +Wheat & Sage (Two Tone Collection)

This combo reminds us of one of those magical moments where you meet your special someone under the mistletoe. Cue the love and the warm fuzzy feelings!

Inspired by Snowflakes

Frost Glass HydroJug

Whether you like winter or not, there’s no denying the beauty of freshly fallen snow sparkling in the light. There’s always something so exciting about the first snow of the year. Bring on the snowball fights, snow angels, sledding.

Inspired by Santa’s Elves

Jade Pro +Pink & Red (Two Tone Collection)

We don’t know if there’s a combo that says “Holidays” better than this one. If Santa’s elves were a HydroJug, this would be it. Nothing was more magical as a child than waking up to gifts from Santa the morning of Christmas. Can we go back to being a kid for the holidays?

Inspired by the Naughty List

Pink Sands Pro +Black Snakeskin

As much as we try to be nice all year, sometimes we are a little naughty. Here at HydroJug, we think that coal is overrated, so instead we came up with this cheeky little combo. Don’t tell Santa.

Inspired by Jingle Bells

Champagne Gold Stainless Steel HydroJug

The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, and the bells are ringing during the most wonderful time of the year!

Inspired by Reindeer

Birch Pro +Desert Tie Dye

Whether your favorite reindeer is Dasher, Dancer, Comet, or Rudolph, this combo is inspired by all of the magical reindeer out there. Because who doesn’t love flying reindeer?

It's officially the Holiday Season! Whether your schedule is packed full of events with friends and family or you are having a quiet Holiday at home, we hope that you have fun and drink lots of water.

Happy Holidays!