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HydroJug Hacks

August 27, 2021 2 min read

Here at HydroJug we want to be sure you are getting the most out of your Jugs, Sleeves, and Straws. We’ve decided to share our favorite “hacks” to take your experience to the next level.

When driving in the car, loop the strap of your HydroJug around the headrest of your passenger seat. This ensures that your jug won’t be rolling around your car freely. Instead it will be nice and secure hanging right next to you.

What you may not know is that the Straw is adjustable. There is a flexible base on the straw that moves up and down. If you want it shorter, just push the base further up the straw, and for a longer straw, pull the base further out. This way, your straw will be able to adjust to a height that suits you best.

Get creative with flavors by adding fruit or E.I.E to your HydroJug. This is a great way to make hydration more fun and to get extra nutrients in. We have tons of recipes on our blog and our Instagram page!

PRO TIP: Add frozen fruit to your water to make it extra cold.

You can use the pockets and strap on your Sleeve for so many things! Never be unprepared for the gym again. Hook your keys onto the carrying loops. You could also secure extra hair ties, clips, or bobby pins onto the strap as well. Fit your phone into the larger pocket of the sleeve. The smaller pocket can hold anything from headphones to chapstick and gum.

Do you ever struggle with trying to take a good group photo? It can be a pain to ask a stranger, and it’s almost impossible when there’s nobody around to capture the moment. Prop your phone against your HydroJug to get the perfect group photo. You can even put your phone into the pockets of the sleeve to make minor height adjustments.

Incorporate the HydroJug into your workouts. If you are somewhere without equipment, use your HydroJug for a little extra weight. The HydroJug weighs approximately 5 lbs when it is full of water. Our favorite exercises are Russian twists, single arm overhead press, bicep curls, and goblet squats.

Share these tips with your friends and be sure to check out more of our recipes, workouts, and content on our social media. Happy Hydrating!